Friday, March 30, 2012

Breadth 2

13 x 19

This is a contour drawing of my art teacher.   A contour drawing is a natural outline of an object or person.  It can be drawn with accurate or inaccurate lines.  The emphasis of this drawing is that all the lines point in different directions which allows your eye to circle around the entire drawing.  The pencil lines and the wrinkles in her clothes show movement.  There is also repetition in the folds of her shirt. There is no shading, which gives this drawing a very flat form.  This was a simple drawing but it can be difficult to draw because when drawing a contour piece, you have to let your eyes follow the out line of the object or person, and hardly ever look down at your paper.  My teacher was really fun to draw and I enjoyed the overall outcome of this contour drawing.  

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Breadth 1

Out Reached
8 x 10.5

I found this picture of my friend Camille and thought it would be interesting to draw.  I used the form of isolation to give a significance to her hand.  Though her face is in the background, I blurred it so her facial features can not fight over the importance of her hand.  I especially enjoy the foreshortening of her arm.  For this picture I used a 2B and 4B pencil.  I also used a shading pencil to get the blurred effect on her face.  The harsh lighting shows off the wrinkles in the hand which draws the eye toward the center of this piece.  This drawing also allows the viewer to circle around the piece because the tips of her fingers draws your eye.